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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – NATIONAL INTERVIEW (AGAIN!) Of Paul Kengor, author of “The Communist”–About Frank Davis Marshall, Spokes Person, National Columnist for the US Commie Party For 50 Years–But Mentor of Obama, And Others Holding the Current Reins Of Power

You will be shocked by what Kengor, award winning, best selling, author of numerous books, contributor to national magazines and newspapers, and frequent guest on all the major networks, has unearthed. Maybe more than startled–try chilled. Seems Davis, from Hawaii and Chicago (sound familiar?), is referenced as a primary Obama mentor–later to be replaced by the Rev Jeremiah Wright, by Obama himself, no less than 22 times in print–but his name has been scrubbed from Obama’s ebooks. Unfortunately, that is not all. Wait til Paul reveals how Valerie Jarret, and David Axelrod tie into that happy little red party…and a web site with a real poll sampling you can rely on for the elections…and just why is it that Canada is kicking our butts on taxes–in fact, how did we come to have higher corporate rate than Chad and Uzbekistan? Thought those folks in DC, starting with Obama, were so concerned with jobs? …And, remember Reid’s warnings in the last show–the deteriorating value of your money–inflation–guess who is dumping stocks? Not one, but many billionaires that Reid will name–their money headed to gold, silver, physical energy resources and land. What do they know?