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Ripley Radio – Burning Rocks, Paul Bunyan & Professional Snuggling

Imagine how terrified you’d be if the rocks you picked up on the beach suddenly broke into fire a couple hours later – while they were still in your pocket! Believe it or Not!, you’ll hear that story on this week’s episode of Ripley Radio! Our newest contributor Chad Lewis reveals why Babe the Blue Ox is blue as he tells us to the long-lived tale of Paul Bunyan.

Also this week on Ripley Radio, the official radio show of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, you’ll hear: about what the Ripley’s Haunted Adventures have in store for the Halloween season; a woman who makes $60 an hour as a professional snuggler; a man who has a serious medical malady that keeps him from gaining weight no matter what or how much he eats; that sometimes love can be re-ignited after divorce – 50 years later! The breakout folk group, the Lumineers, play their hit Ho Hey as this week’s musical egress.