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Today’s Parents – Is Your Child Safe Online?

Did you know?
• In America, 97% of teenagers age 12-17 are online.
• Of the children under five years old who use the internet, 80% use it at least once a week.
• 75% of teens age 12-17 have cellphones and those who text, sends and receives on average 1500 texts a month.
Almost everything is online nowadays. Our children socialize online, they get their entertainment online, they play games online, they shop online and they learn online.

So if so many of our children are online, what are we doing to keep them safe?
In this week’s show, Today’s Parents speaks with writer, editor, journalist, mother of two and author of the book—Is Your Child Safe Online?—Pamela Whitby. Pay attention as Pamela talks about:
• Myths that many parents believe.
• Risks and dangers of the online world.
• Safety tips on how to keep your children safe online while reaping the benefits of the internet.
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