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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – Dog Training 101

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Erica Cobb, owner of Wild Things Dog Training, out of Jacksonville, Florida. Erica is a certified dog trainer, who gave us extremely valuable tips on how to solve a number of canine behavioral problems. These include: potty training, jumping, nipping, barking, leash pulling, anxiety and aggression. She also discussed tips for socializing your dog, and explained expected fees for a trainer, and how to choose one. This show is packed with advice, so don’t miss it! And for more training information, go to:

Dr. Rossi presented recent more research showing the impact animals have on humans, this week involving animals in psychotherapy sessions. In addition, another study involving retirement homes revealed the potential effect animals can have on human relations.
He also revealed the more familiar identity and information of the very popular James Alfred Wight–do you know who he was better known as to us?

This lead to Dr. Rossi unveiling the hard copy of his latest book, “All Things Cold and Slimy,” which has been released this week! He is excited to offer a peek at what is like in the life a vet and pets, and the steps to becoming one with this book. Look for this, and his “What’s Wrong With My Pet? series of pet health guides in electronic version on iTunes, as well as the hard copy OR e-version at AMAZON.COM!