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Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – Healing the Karmic Field

According to modern scientific theory, the Higgs Field permeates all space and gives particles mass. According to Eastern philosophy, a Karmic field pervades life and influences our future actions. Karma is the “unerring law which adjusts effect to cause, on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of being.” The Biblical phrase “as ye sow so shall ye reap,” the Golden Rule, and many other moral teachings express Karma in different words and at different times. On this show, host Philip Mereton, and Emanuel Kuntzelman, founder and president of the Center for Cultural Interchange and organizer of the November 18th Chicago conference, Envisioning a World Transformed, discuss how the findings of science are beginning to support the existence of a Karmic field that may accompany, if not shadow, the quantum fields of science. Emanuel discusses how the Karmic field is not set in stone but can be adjusted by focusing not on what may have caused a current unpleasant predicament but on how creating favorable effects — such as emanating good feelings — can positively influence Karma and transform the field into the future.