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Dr. Tony Maglione


Why is our country in a Social Civil War? What does history teach us about leaders who use divisive methods rather than unity in obtaining power and control? Is our country better off by a strategy of division rather than a strategy with a vision of unity? Also are political polls fair and unbiased? In Dr. Tony’s corner, we will discuss some of the hidden taxes and propaganda about the cost of Obamacare for the middle class.This show’s health tip discusses sleep deprivation and whether it is harmful to your health and how to improve the amount of sleep you get. This week’s “Schmuck of the Week” is a diplomat who went on national TV and would not state that terrorism caused the death of four Americans including our Ambassador to Libya. Be sure to visit Dr.Tony’s website to learn more about the host and his books “To How To Vote Save This Country” and “Obamacare” . Also, you can follow Dr.Tony on Thursday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30 EST livestream on