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Rosanna Pittella Ph.D.

Voice of American Education – Imagine if Children Grew Up Learning About REAL Heroes Not Just Celebrities and Knew How To Care For Their Bodies Now and Through Old Age

Ask the next ten teenagers if they have heroes that they admire. With some luck a couple may name a beloved parent or grandparent. A few may say they don’t know or don’t have any. The few that do will name sports figures, movie stars and the like, that are plastered all over screens and magazines. Are any of them ethical figures, or heroes in any way, or someone who helped others not for a buck, but because it was the right thing to do? Are any of them adventurers or heroes?

This week, Alaska’s favorite explorer, Walter “Yukon” Yates, comes to visit in our spotlight to talk briefly about his new book – an amazing tale of how for 14 days he lay critically wounded in a British Columbia woods waiting for a rescue plane—after crashing his helicopter. The first four times the rescue plane flew overhead, it missed him. So Yates dragged the tail of his copter into a clearing. The next time the plane flew over, it saw him and he was rescued. And the first thing he did after healing six months later? He bought a new helicopter. Yates is arguably one of America’s last great living adventurers and the reason he says he trekked across Alaska, mined for gold, built a log cabin and lived off the land alone for a year, was because he could.
This Voice of American Education week’s interview is with Sam Rose, San is visiting to discuss the evidence mounting that, despite all its perks and privileges, our American way of life is literally hazardous to our (and our kids’) health. Sam will discuss how conditions like obesity, depression, fatigue and life-shortening degenerative diseases are increasing at alarming rates — despite our access to the priciest, most advanced health-care system on the planet. How can we reverse this disturbing trend, take control of our health and enjoy long, vibrant lives? The answer rests in understanding the connection between ill-health and the modern, man-made world. To help people of all ages stay healthier through the winter cold and flu season, you’ll want to hear more about this fascinating and important subject with sought-after nutrition expert Sam Rose.

Find out more about the American Dream School model project mentioned in this week’s show at You can also find out more about Dr. Pittella’s illuminating book, How Deconstructing The American Education System Will Reconstruct the American Dream. and how to order a copy, on that site.

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