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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – For the Love of Ferrets

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Patty Honcoop, an avowed animal rescuer, who specializes in ferrets and opossums. Patty shared with us many of the unique problems related to ferrets, and their often high-maintenance costs. She points out that many people are not aware of this high-maintenance cost and shirk their responsibilities to older ferrets. The economic situation that we’re in has only seemed to worsen this trend. This has resulted in a tremendous financial, physical, and emotional drain for her, which she shares in common with all animal rescuers. Like all animal rescuers, however, she pays for a significant amount of care herself. Although she does receive help from a group called S.O.S. (Support Our Shelters), she is largely self-supported and her work is truly an act of love. Patty also related a wild story about an opossum that she rescued. If you wish to contact Patty, you may reach her at:
This week, Dr. Rossi shared a surprising and scary story about a rare large viper that he treated recently, and was stunned to find out that they have a peculiar bad habit. You’ll just have to listen to hear the tale! He also discussed hairballs in cats, and what you can do about it at home. Some of these options are covered in Dr. Rossi’s book, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY CAT OR KITTEN?” available on

Finally, he pointed out how petting dogs is actually very good for you. The hormonal changes which occur during petting may reduce stress, anxiety, and reduces the risk for disease. Some doctors have joked that it may be better than Prozac!

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