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A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – Emotions, Anger and Depression; Turning them into Positive Energy

Sallie Felton and Conway Felton are well versed how anger can be a part of depression. Depression can bring upon anger at a flick of the hat. Today we are
fortunate to have Ilene Dillon teach us:

1. A new way of looking at and understanding emotions that allow us to be more in charge of them.
2. A way of working with depression that has been clinically-demonstrated to life depression with thousands.
3. The outline of a pathway to move oneself from depression to enthusiasm.

Ilene Dillon, aka “The Emotional Pro,” is founder of both Emotional Pro (www.emotionalpro.com) and Raise Incredible Kids (www.raiseincrediblekids.com). She has been a California marriage and family counselor for 40 years. Coach, professional speaker, master teacher, author and creator/host of Internet Radio’s Full Power Living, Ilene is dedicated to transforming our world through the power and mastery of human emotions. Ilene offers speeches and seminars worldwide and is author of 20 books and workbooks, including Happiness is a Decision of the Heart, The ABCs of Love, and 99 Tips for Mastering Fear, in which she offers her proprietary approach to help people master their emotions, end co-dependence, and consciously live harmoniously in harmony with universal Principles.