Spirituality and Philosophy

Awakening The Divine Conscious You™

Carol Romine

Awakening The Divine Conscious You – Dialoguing with Your Enigmatic Subconscious Mind … The Mysterious Us

Have you ever wondered why affirmations, conscious intentions, positive thinking, and creative visualizations don’t seem to yield the result you seek? The reason might not have anything to do with your ability to focus your consciousness and intend your heart-felt desire. The issue may actually be that you have emotional blocks in your subconscious mind that are interfering in the process. If you have any subconscious emotional blocks that are not congruent (in harmony) with your intentions, you will be hard pressed to manifest your dreams, no matter what technique you utilize or how diligently you try. Much like an arm wrestling contest, any pre-existing subconscious emotional block will triumph over even our most ardent conscious intentions. Our subconscious is far more than an isolated aspect of our consciousness housing our suppressed desires and individual memories. It holds the key for us to be able to live our lives more joyfully while manifesting new realities, and even our destiny. But even more phenomenally, our subconscious mind is not just ours alone. Our subconscious mind is simultaneously the universal collective unconscious. Our own individual subconscious is identically the same in energetic essence as our divine “all-knowing” consciousness. Not only does our subconscious mind store all knowledge: past, present, and even future–it also stores the absolute knowing of everything. How is this possible? It is because we are all simultaneously experiencing and connected as one, inseparable Divine consciousness. Thus, anything that is, was, or will be can be perceived through energetically interacting with our very own subconscious mind. But just how do we connect and engage in dialogue with our enigmatic subconscious mind? Join host Carol Romine and her guest Angela King, AP, DOM as they discuss the truth of us, the untapped potential of our extraordinary subconscious mind, and N.E.T. (Nero-Emotional Technique). Learn about the science behind this powerful, transformational tool that allows you to pinpoint hidden emotional blocks, release them, and change your life. Discover the truth about your own subconscious mind and how N.E.T. can help you to manifest your dreams while simultaneously helping you to awaken to your true divine nature.