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Jerry V. Teplitz JD, Ph.D.


Join me and my guest, Dr. Ron Minson, as we talk about his journey from tradition doctor to a leader in Sound Therapy ( Many years ago, his daughter was suffering from severe learning disabilities. As a doctor, he pursued all regular medical avenues with no success. This caused him to look at alternatives and in 1989 he took his daughter to an expert on sound therapy, Dr. Tomatis in France. Dr. Minson went through the course with his daughter and was amazed at the transformation in her. This motivated him to study with Dr. Tomatis and then he branched out on his own.

Dr. Minson is currently Clinical Director and Advanced Trainer for Integrated Listening Systems, a company which combines an auditory program with visual balance and movement exercises for improving brain function in autism, learning disabilities and brain injury. He is one of the leading authorizes on the clinical application of sound and he writes and presents to medical and educational audiences on the use of a multisensory approach to improving brain function.

Dr. Minson received his medical training at UCLA School of Medicine. He is board-certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. He has served as a family physician, clinical psychiatrist and past Chief of Psychiatry at 2 teaching hospitals in the Denver area. You’re not going to want to miss this one!