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Show Up For Your Life!

Andy Henriquez

Show Up For Your Life! – There’s Nothing More Powerful than a Made up Mind

Have you ever wished that creating a significant change in your life was as simple as making up your mind to do it? Maybe it is that simple. Naturally, you have to follow that decision with consistent action and commitment but it just might be that simple. This week’s guest weighed 345 pounds just over a year ago and today he weighs 207 pounds. How did he do it you ask? It wasn’t surgery, it wasn’t a magical diet or pills, he simply made up his mind and followed that decision with action. Lewis Pugh who is best known for being the first person to swim across the North Pole said, “There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind.” Join me and this week’s guest, Angelo D’Alessandro, entrepreneur and co-owner of Bank On It, as we discuss his amazing journey of losing over 100 pounds! You will be surprised to learn about the power of a made up mind and you may just be inspired to make up your mind and create a significant change in your life.