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The Accidental Guru – Adam Christing

Clearly, the Republican presidential candidate right now is someone who has more than just an unusual name… that being Mitt, he has what many would say is a rather unusual religion to be a political leader in the US and particularly as president. You see Mitt Romney is a Mormon. So the question becomes, is a country that can be rather ignorant about other cultures and other religions… is America ready for a fringe religion president, more specifically, a Mormon president? My guest on this episode is Adam Christing. Adam is someone who has a rather unusual inside view of the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints.

Adam is a member of the Mormon History Association and has been researching the life, death, and Presidential campaign of Joseph Smith for the last 10 years. Adam was the co-director and co-writer of Change Your Life! a 2010 comedy about America’s obsession with get-rich-quick schemes.