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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – The View From Down Under

Sometimes Americans can be so ‘America-centric’. In the past there was a good reason for this. The US was by far the biggest and fastest growing economy. We had a stable and supportive political system. The US was fiscally sound. Times have changed. We are one of many large economies, our politics are divisive, we are becoming a fiscal basket case. The dollar is losing value and our prices are rising. Maybe it’s time to diversify our savings outside the US. Marc Krieger CEO of Krieger Capital in New Zealand explains how he sees things. New Zealand and Australia are prospering. There are investment opportunities and the use of a little known New Zealand Trust can help you better manage your finances. While we are down there, Kaye Evans, an Australian women and motivational speaker explains how we can ‘Grow Old Outrageously’.