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Today’s Parents – How To Read The Parenting Manual That Comes With Your Child

Have you ever felt that your child is too hyperactive? And the more you try to get them to sit still, the more they act out?

Maybe you think your child is too shy and you’ve tried really hard to get them to be more outgoing without much success.

Or perhaps you have a child who you think is too serious for their own good and should really learn to relax and lighten up a little.

If you can relate to any of the statements above, this week’s show is for you. Listen closely as Today’s Parents speaks to author of the best-selling book – The Child Whisperer – Carol Tuttle. In this show, the topics discussed include:
• How to read the parenting manual that comes with your child;
• Understand the four types of children and how to recognize which type your child belongs to;
• Why your child pushes your hot button;
• Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to interpreting your children; and
• What every parent should do to raise emotionally health children.

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