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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Skin Redness: using vascular lasers to treat it: Dr Lycka & Dr Bernstein

Skin redness can be caused by many events that happen in our lives … sun damage, scars, birthmarks, stretch marks, even just getting older! These are not new skin problems and causes, but what is new is the range of vascular lasers that have been developed which are using light to treat the unwanted blood vessels which cause these problems. Join Dr Lycka and guest Dr Eric Bernstein, a distinguished practitioner, researcher and innovator in the fields of dermatology and laser surgery, as they discuss specific skin problems and the successful skin redness treatment provided with vascular lasers. Facial redness, red scar correction, red stretch marks, cherry angiomas, port wine stain birthmarks… are just some of the skin problems discussed by Dr Bernstein & Dr Lycka – if you have any of these problems, you will hear the best advice on how vascular lasers can help you get rid of it.