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Carrie Perrien-Smith

Business: Engaged! – Recruiting and Developing Today’s Employees

Employees carry out your vision for your company and care for the needs of your hard-earned customers. Selecting them and understanding the needs of employees in today’s labor market determines your success. On this episode of Business: Engaged! we talk with Pamela J. Green MBA SPHR. She is a human resources consultant and executive coach. We talk about what to look for when recruiting employees with the skills and talent we need to succeed. We also discuss how to develop them so they are prepared to advance and take on more responsibility.

We again feature Courthouse Concepts on our product and service spotlight. You’ll learn more about their drug testing services. You’ll be surprised who is drug testing today.

And you won’t want to miss my twelfth update on my city council campaign in Rogers, Arkansas. We’re just days away from the election. I added a new marketing technique when early voting started — a street corner sign-shaker campaign. This is a great tool for many types of businesses too. I give some tips for using it to create the most impact. To keep up with my campaign, you can visit my blog at

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