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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – “We Are Sinking In A Sea Of Debt” :G. Osborne, Britain’s Finance Minister. WE Includes the USA. The Fate Of Paper Currency Systems … The Real Libyan Timeline–Obama’s Lies Dig His Hole Deeper–What Else Has He/Will He Lie About? And Who was Haym Solomon? Big Decision For All Of Us in Just 8 Days. Think!!

Did you know that in real terms the US financial picture is worse than Greece in several material respects? Yep–and the magnitude of our sorry situation over the past four years will curl your toes–and undermine the lives of your children’s children. And, according to six senior fellows at Stanford University, the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB) are complicit in the debacle being presided over by Obama. Other nations know a 20% inflation/decrease in middle class purchasing power looms large–startling facts on Russian, Chinese, and Swiss gold purchases over the past several years. A recap on the most onerous of Obama’s frenzy of Executive Orders. Unfortunately, the untruths extend beyond our borders–to Libya. The real abbreviated timeline of that sordid affair. Fort Hood is workplace violence? The Christmas Bomber? A pattern of deceit. So, what other lies have we been told, or will we be told in the future? And who was Haym Solomon? The amazing story of the one dollar bill and the Jewish Banker who financed George Washington’s Continental Army. BIG choice coming our way in eight days. Time to really think! Your children’s future is in your hands. Final show on Web Talk, but AM radio expanding, and a brand new web site for the show, and the archives–even a place for comments which are most welcome! www.ontherightsideradio.com