Living Green

Eco Evolution

Michael Gosney

Eco Evolution – Local Food for the Global Shift, With Dana Frasz, founder of Food Shift, and Andrew Hasse, producer of the film Edible City

There are major changes coming to local food systems and how we source and consume food. Wasted food is a major economic and ecological problem, being addressed by many groups including Dana Frasz’ new non-profit Food Shift which is working to develop partnerships with local restaurants, hospitals, catering companies and food service organizations to preserve and distribute the 40% of edible food that goes uneaten (and into landfills and the atmosphere). The second segment of the program is a conversation with Andrew Hasse who just completed the documentary Edible City, which takes an in-depth look at the “good food” movement that emphasizes high yield local food production and new innovations in the overall food system that promise tremendous benefits for sustainability, health, financial returns and job creation. This show offers a thorough examination of an exciting subject, a key aspect of the global shift to sustainability, and one that almost everyone take part in.