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Talk for Food – Post 2012 Election: Now a Vision for a New Earth

The 2012 Elections are now history. Now what?

What does America think it got, versus what did it actually get?

Adam gives perspective. Building on his recent understandings that the Federal government is actually a private corporate entity, the entire electoral process that led to the presentation of either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, is seen in a new light

The first half of this week’s show is devoted to the constitutional implications of a government run by executive orders, supporting policies derived from backroom meetings, contributions from lobbyists and other special interests.

The potential for such developments were foreseen, and corrective steps outlined in the Original Bill of Rights and United States Constitution, the last unadulterated, and still legal copy being the Maryland Constitution of 1776.

The question before us all, is what do we do? Do we continue to act as though the government is legitimate, even when its titular head conceives and authorizes “laws” without legislative due process?

Do we continue to sit idly by while corporate interests oppose and defeat initiatives, like California’s Proposition 37, to require GMO labeling, that The People deem to be in their best interest?

Only you can answer these questions for yourself, but we invite you to listen to a proposal for a world that few politicians have suggested.

If they actually represented YOU, perhaps they would.

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