Spirituality and Philosophy

Awakening The Divine Conscious You™

Carol Romine

Awakening The Divine Conscious You – Reiki … A Transformative Tool For Higher Conscious Connectedness & Energetic Healing

Everything that exists is made manifest from the Divine Conscious Vibration of Love. At the very core of each of us is an energetic vibration … and that vibration is love. In actuality, we are—in our purest state—love itself. When the natural flow of divine love (universal life force) becomes blocked or diminished within us, then discordant patterns result. These discordant patterns can trigger negative emotional responses, disharmonious thoughts, or the onset of physical illness or disease—changing what we experience, our realities, and ultimately the destiny we manifest. Join host Carol Romine and her guest Patricia Williams, a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner as they discuss the extraordinary attributes of Reiki when used as a transformative tool of energetic upliftment, higher conscious awakening, and healing. You’ll learn the science and the truth behind Reiki … a technique that taps into and utilizes the natural vibration of love that lies dormant and underutilized within each of us. Reiki not only creates a sense of connectedness, upliftment, and well being, but it can also release discordant patterns and trigger phenomenal emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing. Today’s conversation will explore our basic energetic nature in relationship to consciousness and love, revealing that we are not powerless in our own life and that a profound, natural energetic tool lies dormant within each of us.