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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Laser Scar Correction improves quality of life: Dr Lycka & Cmdr. Peter Shumaker

The latest laser scar correction techniques continue to provide dramatic and life changing improvements to badly burnt and injured military personnel. As part of an in-depth series on scar correction and treatment using fractional CO2 lasers, this week Dr Lycka speaks with Cmdr. Peter Shumaker MD, Chairman of Dermatology at San Diego Naval Medical Center. Dr Shumaker begins by explaining how he became involved in scar correction and describes how the laser treatment is being used to release scar contracture and improve function and condition of scars. The benefits are life changing as these treatments enable amputees to use prosthetics earlier and with increased comfort. Problems with body hair pulling, irritation and sweating also affect the comfort of wearing prosthetics and Dr Shumaker also explains how laser treatments are used to treat this, greatly adding to the quality of life of these badly wounded warriors.