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Leadership. Success. And You

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

Leadership. Success. And You – Awakening The Leader In You

Join host Dr. Ulwyn and my guest Colonel (Ret.) Jill Morgenthaler who will share with you how maximize your strengths to achieve your life’s mission and vision. Lean what you need, to be your own leader and chart a faster path to success. Colonel Morgenthaler is currently a Homeland Security Advisor. She was the first woman company commander, first woman battalion commander, and first woman brigade commander. She was able to transcend gender stereotypes throughout her military career and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Legion of Merit. Her forte in the military was turning around dysfunctional organizations and creating winning teams. Today, Colonel Morgenthaler works with businesses and associations who want to build leaders and enhance employee performance. She translates military skills into business skills, bridging the lessons learned from the military to the corporate world. She will give you a new arsenal of “weapons” as she shares her leadership secrets. For more information on Leadership, get Dr. Ulwyn’s special report at