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Dr. Tony Maglione


Do elections have consequences? Did FDR’s election have consequences in the future. How about Carter’s , Reagan’s,or George Bush’s election? Will there be long lasting consequences of the Obama presidency? In Dr. Tony’s corner, the health tip for this week discusses what you need to know to help yourself with Obamacare and healthcare in the future. This week’s “Schmuck of the Week” is a prominent cabinet member who is both hypocritical and political rather than honest in discussing the attack in Libya’s consulate in Benghazi. Be sure to visit Dr.Tony’s website to learn more about the host and his books “To How To Vote Save This Country” and “Obamacare” . Also, you can follow Dr.Tony on Thursday mornings from 7:30 to 8:30 EST www.livestream.com/talkmediatv .