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Tech Talk – With smartphone in hand, waiting may never be painful again

We spend a lot of our lives waiting. Waiting on the doctor; waiting to get our oil changed; waiting on traffic on our commute to work. And for most people, it’s no fun. But it can be. Listen as Mr. Noobie, owner of, and David Ciccarelli, co-founder and CEO of, discuss how they use their smartphone to entertain and educate themselves to eliminate the pain of waiting.

Be sure not to miss our weekly roundup of the latest technology news as well as Mr. Noobie’s question and answer session. This week Mr. Noobie answers whether or not you need anti-virus software on your iPad and if re-filling your ink cartridges is safe for your printer.

In our featured product segment, Mr. Noobie talks about a new way for women to carry their smartphone around with them when they don’t have a pocket or purse to put it in. Don’t worry men, there’s uses for you too!