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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – No Train — No Gain!

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is Linda Brocker of Bark Busters in NE Florida. Linda is a dog behavioral therapist and trainer who discussed a variety of canine behavior problems. These included: aggression towards people and other dogs, separation anxiety, and destructive behaviors. She attributed many of these problems, and others to a lack of leadership, exercise, and stimulation.

Linda also stressed the importance of ruling out an underlying medical problem first, because it is difficult to correct any behavioral issues without fully addressing any possible existing medical conditions that can impact behavior. She then shared with us a humorous story of training two Yorkies for excessive barking. If YOU have any canine behavioral issues, Linda encouraged you to contact the Bark Busters representative near you by visiting their helpful website at: http://
In this show Dr. Rossi also extended his condolences to those in the Northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy, and presented some advice to help any pet owner who may face such a disaster with their animal someday. It is important to have several things ready in case of an emergency, and these include everything from a suitable carrier to having your pet micro chipped. This is an important topic for all pet lovers, so don’t miss it!
In other news, Dr. Rossi shared research from some recent medical articles about your pet’s health. One of these showed a connection between stair climbing in puppies and potential problems later in life. Other information given offered another alternative in treatment for acute Lyme Disease.
As always, Dr. Rossi reminded us in these economic times of the importance of considering adopting a pet. Finally, he was happy to announce the paperback release of his very personal veterinary autobiography, “All Things Cold and Slimy,” as well as the hardback and E-versions already available at and iTunes.