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Talk for Food – Making Disclosure Personal

Are there ET’s among us? Evidence says that they are, but you’d never know it if you listened to any of the “serious” opinion-shapers in our world.

Major media don’t cover extraterrestrial stories except for entertainment, amusement, or fear. Science outlets continue to pose the question as to whether we “are alone”, or whether “there is intelligent life in the universe” as a way to suggest that we are the only ones. Government denies its existence, and the military ignores, dismisses, or covers it up.

But none of these factors mean that we’re alone, or that the truth isn’t available.

In today’s show, Adam offers you reasons to make disclosure a personal mission, because you will be the ultimate arbiter of what is “true,” the ability to discern truth comes as a result of opening your mind to much information that is not “new,” but has been suppressed or concealed for quite some time.

Tune in and light up!

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