Avant Gardener – Lee Reich, Community Supported Agriculture and Answers to Your E-mails

This week we interview soil scientist and prolific author Lee Reich who promotes his special method of gardening that requires no digging and no weeding. Also we explain the different types of CSA programs (CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture) whereby a farmer will agree to provide you with a continuous supply of vegetables over a prescribed period – usually 6 months to a year for one up-front payment. We also provide tips on how to make a reliable choice when choosing among different CSA programs and how to determine if the farmer will in fact live up to his agreement. Finally, in our email segment we cover the growing of kiwi vines and seedless watermelons, recommending a new watermelon variety that has won an All-America Award and which is especially bred for home gardens. And we answer on email about daffodils and other plants that are deer resistant. Remember that in addition to our Avant Gardener broadcast we also publish a monthly on-line, full color newsletter by visiting http://avantgardener.info.