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Enlightened Life – What You Eat can Heal the World

Do you know the true costs of the foods you eat? Depending on your diet, your dinner could be contributing to the depletion of vital planetary resources, climate change and global water shortages. The environmental impacts of the food we eat are misunderstood by many and have been suppressed by corporate media outlets and those with vested interests in animal agriculture. Join us for an eye-opening conversation with Dr. Richard Oppenlander, a sustainability and wellness advocate, writer, and speaker committed to improving the health of our planet.

Dr. Oppenlander is the author of Comfortably Unaware, a revealing and informative book that has been endorsed as a must-read by Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Goodall, Kris Carr and Dr. Neal Barnard, among others. His primary objective is to raise awareness that inspires a global movement for all to adopt a plant-based diet for the purpose of reaching optimal human health, while saving our planet from demise. He is president and founder of an organic vegan food production and education business, as well as the founder of the non-profit Inspire Awareness Now (IAN).

Discover new perspectives on food and the health of the planet that go well beyond the warnings about global warming and use of fossil fuels, and get inspired to change your diet and heal the world.