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Exploring Gender Mysteries

Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Exploring Gender Mysteries – “Women and Money in the 21st Century”

A woman’s need for “money” demands that she pay attention to her personal resources to accumulate wealth for the future. “To give to others is blessed; to give to yourself is just as blessed.” (Ann Mody Lewis)

It is this need to prosper financially that puts pressure on woman to sidestep gender socialization. Dr. Ann Lewis will discuss “Money” with expert and award winning, financial planner, Eileen Cioe, an affiliate of Metlife Securities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
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Follow-up summary of the show:
The discussion will awaken you to how important “you” are. “You” are the creator, planner and hero of your own financial future. Releasing yourself from “gender” could attach you to financial prosperity. Listen to my guest tell her story and to be inspired.

Listen and learn!