Spirituality and Philosophy

Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey for Truth – The Cross in the Closet

Timothy Kurek grew up in a strict religious community. A community that taught homosexuality was an abomination of God and that it was his duty to try to judge and try to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality. He was taught it was bad and wrong to ‘choose’ to be homosexual. Timothy believed that too. That is, until his friend ‘came out’ lesbian and her family and friends rejected her. Upon hearing this and seeing her cry, he decided to try an experiment. He took a year long journey to test his beliefs, his religious beliefs, and his friends and family’s beliefs. What was that journey and what was the result? Listen to this amazing story of courage and commitment! You can read about Timothy’s journey in his book, The Cross in The Closet and find Timothy on Facebook!