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Ripley Radio – Funerals, Sea Turtles & Percilla the Monkey Girl

Author and doyenne of death, Gail Ruben visits Ripley Radio this week and tells us about her quest to crash 30 funerals of total strangers in 30 days. Then she blogs about the deceased and her experiences at the funeral. Taking a whimsical approach to death and funerals is her forte.
In Jackpotting with James Taylor, the sideshow historian talks about one of his most unusual friends, Percilla the Monkey Girl. Now deceased, Percilla spent decades on the circus and carnival sideshow circuit, dancing for thousands of paying customers and showing off her body – totally covered with hair.
Also on the November 19 episode of Ripley Radio, the official radio program of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Chris Epting discusses a very unusual site in Long Beach, Calif. – A family of sea turtles living and thriving in the warm waters of a small channel next to a power plant! Angela reveals the top occupations in which the employees need to drink the most coffee to survive a day at work, Ralf explains how a baby doll saved an entire family from perishing in a house fire and Kim Kiff, manager of the Ripley’s attractions in St. Augustine, Fla., drops by and tells us that St. Augustine is a great place to spend a few days during the upcoming holiday season!