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Dõv Baron

The Accidental Guru – My guest on this episode of The Full Monty leadership Show is one the most important people in the US today when it comes to the subject of Human Trafficking and modern slavery…

Dottie Laster is a nationally recognized expert in the field of human trafficking. Trained by the Department of Justice, she educates law enforcement, businesses and organizations, on human trafficking. She has been the architect, and leader of the human trafficking task forces in many cities.
She was appointed as a part of this task force to train over 5,000 police officers and worked directly with adult and child victims.

In this show we look at:
• The devastating number of people who are trafficked into the US every year. Why the victims don’t just run away and call the cops.
• What you, me and our leadership can do to bring an end to human slavery.
• How law enforcement and local authority corruption is blocking sex slave emancipation
• And I will even ask Dottie to give us a graphic description of a day in the life of a human sex slave…

Be warned: This show will shock you!