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The Intentional Power

Dale Cross

The Intentional Power – The Recipe to Boost the Bottom Line in Corporate and Small Business America

Why do some small business owners thrive while others just can’t seem to get off the ground? What
separates one from the other? What is the difference between big corporations that manage to boost profits
in this internet age and those that don’t?

More often than that, the secret recipe is ‘creativity’. Here is an area too often neglected while more
emphasis is placed on tangibles like data, and bottom line, and less on ingenuity and talent.

Bob Molavi FMA, BA Econ discusses how to tap into this often neglected area. As a Happiness Coach,
Bob delves into the “soft skills” that are most often missed, yet it’s the most important aspect of any
business wanting to succeed.

Bob brings decades of experience in the area of philosophy, creativity, business and his main area of
expertise, ‘Happiness’.

When people are led from a place of true inspiration and creative talent, that’s where the magic
starts to happen. This lifts companies from a place of neutrality, to one that is aligned, revitalized and