Avant Gardener – Mulching, landscaping, and listener questions

This week we begin the show by discussing the importance of mulching, whether you wish to protect tender plants through the winter or whether you wish to mulch for weed control and moisture conservation during the growing season. We not only discuss organic mulches such as shredded leaves and straw but also horticultural fabric and black plastic and how best to use these alternatives. Although we mention an interview with Renee Shepherd, president of Renee’s Gardens at the beginning of the broadcast, we had problems connecting with her and plan to feature her on a subsequent broadcast. In her place I interview my co-host, Carolyn about her work as a garden designer, having her explain her credentials and also how she works with clients to establish a new garden. She also explains the distinction between a landscape designer, a landscape contractor and a landscape architect. In our email section we discuss whether you can get paperwhite narcissus to re-bloom. Another listener asks about the hardiness of figs and how to get them through the winter where the ground freezes. We also wish to remind listeners about our award-winning, on-line, full-color newsletter, The Avant Gardener which you can access by visiting http://avantgardener.info.