Spirituality and Philosophy

Awakening The Divine Conscious You™

Carol Romine

Awakening The Divine Conscious You™ – Moving Through the Universal Experience of Loss

Now more than ever it is important to find our spiritual center and live what we know to be true. And that truth is that we are always connected consciously and energetically to what we love and nothing of love is ever lost in any transition. But even when we embrace this spiritual truth, we are challenged as human beings to live this truth through our hearts when experiencing unexpected and oftentimes devastating personal loss. Join host Carol Romine and her guest Karla Kay, author of the book Grief—The Universal Emotion of Loss, as they discuss the challenges of moving through the human experience of loss, while holding fast to the knowing that there is no true energetic separation … only the illusion of separation created by the veil of human embodiment. All of us experience the emotion of loss—whether it is the loss of a loved one to death or a career we have enjoyed for many years or a home we love or a marriage that is ending in divorce, but that doesn’t mean that we are powerless to shatter the emotional hold that grief and loss can have on all aspects of our life. You’ll gain insight, understanding, and hope as Carol Romine and her guest Karla Kay share their experiences and discuss how to move through your own personal experience of loss, transforming the emotions of grief and loss into love and peace … and knowing that life and love after loss is truly possible.