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Family Connections

Susan Kane-Ronning

Family Connections – Great Reads–Using Stories to Help Children Cope

All parents struggle with the right words to help children through grief and loss. Children’s literature can help kids work through feelings, find solutions to difficult problems, and develop compassion and understanding. Dr. Mia Mercurio-Morse, professor of Special Education and Reading at Southern Connecticutt State University, provides detailed information about children’s literature, and specific books that are ideal for helping your child through the loss of a pet, or the illness and death of a loved one. She also provides hands-on help if your child is being bullied and you need specific books that address the issue. Children learn from the magical world of books and find solutions within the pages. Entertaining and informative, Dr. Mercurio understands you may love reading to your child, but don’t know which books are the best. She also offers books for independent readers. You’ll get great examples of books that help children and early adolescents work through difficult issues, and even find solace and support yourself!