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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Tummy Tucks Explained In Detail: Dr Lycka & Dr Hoffman

Tummy tucks, correctly known as abdominoplasty, are most definitely not a way of losing weight! They are a surgical way to correct changes to our bodies following pregnancy or after massive weight loss. If that has happened to you, and you have stretched muscles, stretched, loose, excess skin around your abdomen, then listen here. Join Dr Lycka and guest Dr Daryl Hoffman from Palo Alto, California, a return guest to this show, a board-certified plastic surgeon and a noted expert in body contouring and reconstruction. The two doctors discuss what a tummy tuck is, and is not, who are great candidates for it, and who are not, and they give an overview of tummy tuck alternatives, notably what can be achieved from liposuction. Then Dr Hoffman explains all aspects of the abdominoplasty procedure, recovery time and what side effects can be expected.