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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Making a nonprofit web site redesign easier with content strategy – 11/26/12

We’re back to talking about non-profit websites on this week’s show and something called “content strategy.” Getting a new or redesigned website up and running can be frustrating and time consuming and I’ve learned the hard way it’s because we weren’t using a content strategy. So what is it? It’s a process you can use to plan for, create, and deliver compelling content that aligns with your organization’s goals. Content is the text, the graphics, the donation button, the menu – all of it. When you use a strategy, you stay focused and certain. When you don’t have one, you feel confused and make constant, expensive changes.

My guest this week is Tim Spell, the Director of NonprofitCMS, a custom web design company offering a suite of software services to associations and nonprofits. They design websites and apps, and have online awards and conference management tools as well. Tim was on the show in March of 2011 and we talked about Elements of a Great Website. He was so helpful that I thought I’d have him back on the show to give the web designer’s point of view about content strategy.

This is a show and tell show – we look at a website part-way through the interview that his company built. Check out Adhesives.org. It’s perfect for newer nonprofit leaders about to embark on starting a website or redesigning one. It’s also great for those of you who’ve wondered what the heck content strategy is. Enjoy the show!