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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Income Two Ways

The need to replace your paycheck is one key driver in retirement planning. Creating income sources like Social Security supplemented by personal savings to generate additional income determines your level of financial security. How much you save is important as is the return you get on your savings. If you need $20,000 a year in supplemental income and you earn 2% in low risk investments in today’s environment you need to have saved $1million. If you were to earn 5%, your required savings drops to $400,000. Do you take more investment risk or save more and take less risk. A fellow who goes by the moniker of Stan the Annuity Man and is a nationally recognized expert on annuities gives a clear headed objective assessment on annuities; when they make sense and when they don’t along with key questions you should ask before buying. If you are one to take on some risk John Graves author of The 7% Solution explains how you can increase your return while managing your risk. Save a little or save a lot take on some risk or not, the choice is yours.