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Think Beyond Pink

Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Pink Ribbon Blues

The pink ribbon cause has given us an awareness of the breast cancer epidemic. But has it helped improve our survival rates? Dr.Gayle Sulick tackles that question and many more in her book Pink Ribbon Blues, How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women’s Health A scholarly look at both sides of the pink wave leaves little doubt that there are some problems with the pink culture. Dr. Sulick, a sociologist, shares her research about the financial incentives that keep the war on breast cancer profitable at the expense of our breast health. She also takes offense ( as should everyone) that The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is bankrolled by a chemical company that makes two chemicals that cause breast cancer—never mind that they also manufacture Tamoxifen. Pink Ribbon Blues reveals a deeper side that all of us should know more about! Listen- then think before you support everything that’s frosted with pink.