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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – Veterinary News Update

Dr. Rossi flies solo in this episode of “What’s Wrong with My Pet?” He covered some of the latest news from the world of veterinary medicine. He began with Holiday Warnings, and listed a wide variety of foods that may be harmful to your pets, as well as Christmas Hazards, and even gave a recent example from his own practice. The list includes some items you would never expect to be dangerous, so tune in to find out!
Dr. Rossi then presented a shocking study that revealed the health risks of bird feeders, to humans AND pets. The next news item featured the surprising case of the toddler and the tapeworm. Tips are presented that may help prevent all kinds of worm infections in people.
After the break Dr. Rossi discussed the behavioral effects of steroids. It has long been known that steroids affect human behavior. This study suggests that animals may also be affected.
Another study shared by Dr. Rossi offered a new treatment for atopy, which is an inhalant allergy. This study introduced HCA (Hydrocortisone Aceponate) as an effective alternative treatment for this problem. l
Lastly, a case of toxicity of Tea Tree Oil was presented in pet snakes. This adds another species to the list of animals that may show toxic effects from Tea Tree Oil.
As always, Dr. Rossi ends with the reminder to ADOPT a pet when possible. For more of his tips and pet health advice, check out his “What’s Wrong With My Pet?” series of books on,, or at