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Green Stories: Ripped from the Headlines

Antoinette Nue

Green Stories: Ripped from the Headlines – Pet Edition of The Top 15 Most Fabulous & Green Products of 2012

If you’re not a pet parent, you probably have at least one or two on your holiday shopping list, so this show is for you! I’ve included not just fabulous products but a great education in greening your pet’s lifestyle. Bronna Bodenstein from Earth Doggy – an eco-friendly pet boutique – joins us to discuss a fabulous new pet food container. You won’t hear us haggle about which of two products should have made the list but you will hear how we settled the debate! Pet Food Expert Leslie May dishes on the 4 best possibilities for feeding your dog and Dr. Larry Green from Bokashicycle Fermenting Systems helps us close the loop on poop.

You can hear excerpts from my conversation with Leslie May about how to treat your dog to a healthy holiday dinner, hear how we answered the question “What’s the future of organic dog food if we stay on the path Leslie has directed us to?”, and get links and resources from all of our guests on my blog.