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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Toward a New World Paradigm

As we continue to mark the upcoming official start of the Aquarian Age on December 21, 2012, opinions about Earth’s future abound. From World War III to ascension, environmental disaster to life with ET’s.

While we can agree that something “New” is upon us, and is needed, opinions about what that is varies widely. The New World Order people, both proponents and opponents, share a strong enough a belief in the idea as to have an emotional involvement. If this is not your view of the future, that what is “your” view? Your answer to that question will make a world of difference.

With information of all stripes being “shot” at us every day, how do we discern our role and write our own destiny?

Tune in as Adam helps us see evidence of a system of enslavement that has been “hiding in plain sight,” as well as keys to personal liberation.

A hint, it lies within us all.

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