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Exploring Gender Mysteries

Ann Mody Lewis Ph.D.

Exploring Gender Mysteries – “Thinking Your Body Strong”

Your mind and body are so inseparable that a stronger, healthier body may be as close to your “last thought”. This natural harmony is disrupted by gender belief that divides you against yourself. Dr. Ann Mody Lewis will discuss the profound truth with Dr. Susan Brown, a medical anthropologist, certified nutritionist, author and founder of The Better Bone Revolution. These two professionals will help you realize that what you think and feel about yourself can determine your bone health for a lifetime.

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Follow-up summary of the show:
“Your body is intelligent enough to create a long and healthy life.” Are you listening to it? Listen to this conversation with Dr. Susan Brown to appreciate the magic of your bones, the forgotten part of your body. They are with you wherever you go. Take good care of them!
Listen and learn!

Add Link to announcement for Listeners: Dr. Susan Brown website: www.betterbones.com