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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – How New Vitamin Cream Repairs Sun Damaged Skin: Dr Lycka & Dr Telford

We all know that the sun damages our skin, makes us look old, gives us wrinkles and causes skin cancer. At the same time we try to live a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle – which brings us in contact with the sun and gives us problems. What can we do? This week our guest joining Dr Lycka is a fellow Dermatologist Dr Gordon Telford from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Dr Telford has spent over 10 years researching what happens to the skin when the sun shines on it and has developed a unique sun damaged skin treatment based on the Vitamins A, C and E. Known as Radiance, Dr Telford explains how the vitamins in the cream are naturally occurring in the skin, and highlights what they do to protect and repair the damage to our skin caused by the sun. Hear Dr Telfords engaging story, the science, the research and the results he has achieved in his quest to be able to repair sun damaged skin, and ward off skin cancers.