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Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey for Truth – Going Beyond Survival

Marni Spencer-Devlin wrote her book, Crawling Into The Light, to assist others in knowing there is life beyond pain. Growing up in Germany, with a family that did not really want her, being molested by her older brother, raped at age 12 by a 25 year old man, traveled to the United States, addicted to heroin for many years, went to jail many times, homeless and prostituting, and finally by the time she was in state prison, she decided to make some changes. What a painful journey. But, Marni does not share with us her woes or being a victim of her past. She shares with us how she decided to make some changes and to pursue her life. However, even after she moved beyond her heroin addiction, she was still not happy being the president of a multi-million dollar business and living in a mansion. No, she was still angry and depressed. Why? How did she finally move beyond her pain? Listen to her passionately discuss what was necessary for her to find her joy and how she can assist others to find their joy!