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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Risk on, Risk Off

One challenge in managing your money is to balance the right amount of risk in achieving your goals. Take little or no investment risk an you will have to save a lot more money to achieve your savings goal. Take too much, and you may lose principal. Generally, you can take more risk the longer time you have to meet your goal and less risk when you need to convert your capital to income. One way to add some risk to turbo charge your portfolio is by investing a portion of your money in emerging markets. Ann Logue author of Emerging Markets for Dummies tells us what we need to know before journeying abroad. When safety and predictability in generating income is important, Roy Laux founder of Synergy Financial Services offers a number of ways to set your worries aside. When to turn your risk on or off is one critical investment portfolio decision you want to get right.