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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of ‘Healing From Within” heard on Host Sheryl Glick welcomes special guest Dr. Charlotte A. Tomaino author of “Awakening The Brain’ This book is a much needed guide towards understanding the physical functions of the brain and how our thought patterns engage and entrain the neurons of the brain to form patterns of behavior creating either positive or less than positive neurochoices.
In recognizing the chemical changes that occur in either an optimal arousal state which conquers stress and fears or an hyperarousal state which is designed primarily for emergency use but because of our fast-paced life styles people often find themselves in this hyperarousal state more of the time than is healthy. A hyperarousal state creates chemical changes in the brain that shuts down your creative parts of the brain, digestive system, and immune system leading to a poor quality of health and possibly poor decision making. Furthermore Dr. Tomaino’s book is about the Spirit-Mind-Body connection and explores the dimension within us that can observe the mind as the brain is chattering away, and by this advanced Spiritual process the brain may be managed to create your life as you choose.

Dr. Tomaino is a neuropsychologist and former nun who has been intimately connected with the scientific and spiritual community and as such is able to offer the best understanding of how to expand the brain function and also addresses the need for better cognitive skills while incorporating the power of spirit, faith, belief and energy to sustain and enhance these efforts. Her experience with the spiritual community as well as her own personal interactions in the world community has led her clients to recognize that the way they think and what they believe can actually awaken the brain to higher consciousness and a true knowing that our energy connections to Universal Source works in alignment with the brain and higher intelligence. As a reiki energy practitioner it is my belief that only by knowing who we are as spiritual and physical beings can we improve the quality of our thoughts and actions in our daily life. As we all hope to learn and increase the power of our creation of a good life and healing on a multi-dimensional level, we come to know that this process requires acceptance of the possibilities of change and evolution. A quote from Dr. Charlotte Tomaino,” If you have a Reiki session you will become smarter!” is suggestive of the fact that energy healing is a positive way to allow the brain to receive new perceptions of the life experience.

In today’s episode of “Healing From Within,” we will discuss the brain structures, their functions and the power of belief to activate neuroplasticity as a pathway to change. Before understanding neuroplasticity, a definition of neuropsychology which is the division of psychology specializing in brain function and how behavior, skills and experience relate to the brain structures and their processing of information is needed. Brain function is evaluated by objectively measuring cognitive skills like attention, memory or language with standardized tests, and comparing skills of those the same age. The pattern of strengths and weaknesses in different functions may be used to educate and treat functional challenges. Dr. Tomaino in her new book “Awakening The Brain” describes “Multiple Intelligences” and a clearer view of this concept which I hope can help parents, teachers and medical professional to rethink or improve the way they choose to accept the uniqueness of everyone without judgement or blame for what may be sometimes perceived as lack of interest in pursuing goals by their children that others feel appropriate. Many people think that you are either smart or not. This is not the way to assess peoples talents and or challenges. An IQ test gives an overall number of all the abilities being assessed. These skills include verbal and academic , visual intelligence, social, emotional, mechanical, musical, mathematical, linguistic, athletic, and spiritual awareness. Appreciating that each of us is born with natural talents or impulses to develop certain areas of our brain is far more important than an IQ test or any other form of defining a person’s worth or intelligence. Where a weakness or strength is observed it is possible with training, to improve that area of performance or ability.

What is an awakened brain? Dr. Tomaino suggests that an awakened brain recognizes and uses the power to choose the thoughts, emotions, and physical sensation that arises from within and also means living from the inside vision of life desired regardless of the outside circumstances. A strong inner reality can help entrain your brain to create a better outer reality.

Stories of how synchronicity fit into both the physical and spiritual experience of Dr. Tomaino’s life and her unexpected trip to the Oneness University in India will hopefully provide a way to show how guidance and opportunities surround us all. These opportunities offer a gateway to the best of our own mind and soul connections. The key is in developing a greater sensitivity and understanding of the Brain-Body compass meditation and prayer for a higher view of self and others.