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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Play Your Love Cards Right To Choose Your Love Destiny

See how a deck of cards identifies your best love match and changes your love destiny as master astrologer, Robert Lee Camp,, chats with host, America’s Love Guide Hadley Finch, creator Love Matches – Love Vacations.

Have you heard the saying, “Lucky in cards, unlucky in love”? Let’s bust that myth and show you how to play your love cards right to be lucky in love. How?

See how to use an ordinary deck of cards to identify your perfect match or understand the quirks of your not-so-perfect partner.

As Hadley chats with Robert Lee Camp, renowned astrologer and author of Love Cards and Cards of your Destiny, you learn how easy it is to look up your birth card to find out:

What your birth month and day (not year) reveals about you and your personal relationships.

How secrets of your love cards reveal who you’re compatible with in love, sex, romance and marriage.

What is the significance your playing cards and how they predict your future.

Who is marriageable and who never could make a commitment.

Why your spouse puts household chores before sex.

Which birthdays should never get married and why.

How Your Karma and Past Life Cards affect your present relationships.

Why you’ve chosen past partners, and how you can make better decisions.

How love cards predict celebrity divorces; prospects for Justin Timberlake-Jennifer Beal.

Who holds the emotional reins in marriages of Michelle and Barack and Bradgelina.

What is the best time and place to find the love of your life, and choose your best match.

How you can get a lover’s profile report to predict levels of passion and compatibility with a date or mate.

How you can leap relationship hurdles and keep things exciting, even if it’s not in your Love Cards with your romantic partner.

As Hadley Finch chats with Robert Lee Camp, you get step-by step instructions to play your love cards right to get all the love and happiness you deserve now.